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Howard miller clocks for office interior decoration


Recently, I got transferred in my office to the branch that was there in my native place. One fine morning for a change I went for jogging passing through my school road. I saw the school building though there were slight alterations here and there it still stood the same and reminded me of my childhood school days. Right from my kindergarten till my secondary education I did it all there, in that old building.

I was sitting on the sofa in my office and was starring at the clock in the wall of the hall. The clock hung there was the howard miller grandfather clock which I had bought recently. It always reminded me of my grandfather who was no more now. My grandfather had always been a great support to me in my studies and also in my career.

Whenever I had a problem or something bothered me I would seek my grandfather’s advice. And I always discussed with him my personal problems and I would act according to his suggestions. I had a great respect and affection for him. I felt that it is good that even in this digital era such old analog clocks of previous centuries are still available and are being sold in the market as it would bring back the old and beautiful memories to anyone who stares at it and no doubt that it would cherish them. These Howard miller clocks can be used for office interior decoration too.

Suddenly, I was able to feel the hand of grand father as he used to drop me in school by taking me in his car. Whenever I left the home for school along with him in the morning I would look at the old clock in my home to see the time. After finishing my jog I reached home and looked at the old clock in the wall. Actually it was the howard miller grandfather clock which looked alike my grandfather’s old clock.