Vintage Grandfather Clocks for Home and Offices


Since, both of my parents were working people they hardly had any time to spend for me. And hence I had to spend most of my childhood and teenage with my grand parents.

I always felt that I was blessed to have such wonderful grand parents especially to have such a kind grandfather who even in his last moments before his death thought about my welfare only. He spent most of his daytime sitting in the verandah or balcony and would schedule all my work using the old clock which was there in his room. Soon after his death, the clock which I thought I shall keep for years remembering him got broken and it upset me a lot. However, one day due to God’s grace I found a clock similar to what my grandfather had used in a website that sold such precious grandfather clocks and I bought it online itself the very moment I saw it and I felt these vintage Grandfather Clocks are for both Home and Offices.